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Our Packages





Why only two Packages?

We aim to manage successful, beautiful and highly sought after Homes by providing the best possible service to our guests. So in the eyes of the guests, there will be no difference between packages, our Service is Premium and the amenities, outstanding!

The Premium + means we will be in charge
of your personal accountancy, just so you don´t...

Isn´t that Premium?


Interior Design

Your house must feel like home and tick several boxes when it comes to accommodating a global crowd of demanding travelers. We provide free Interior Design consultancy for your home to make sure nothing´s amiss. From retrofiting to remodelling.

Premium Amenities

We believe Amenities are like Christmas presents. A guest can check-in into a beautiful house, but having those little extras, will brighten their eyes...

And we provide the best there is to offer. Castelbel amenities, nespresso capsules, tea selections, wine, water, biscuits, olive oil, spices, and much more... and all premium brands.

Multi direction Reporting

There is a lot of paperwork related to this business model in Portugal. From invoices to the guests, to reports to portuguese customs, city hall taxes and so on... We do it all for you.

Every month we send you the summary of reservations with a full breakdown of your revenue related to the previous month.

Full Guest Service

Our Simplified Package includes it all. We don´t work in just one way but instead, provide a tailored service having in mind guests expectations. From in person check-ins to remotely ones, laundry service, amenities, guest communication, cleaning and more...

Maintenance and Repairing

Having a home being used so often by a multitude of guests, normally results in items accidentally being broken or damaged. We have a full team of plumbers, electricians, handyman´s, to sort every repair in between check ins and checkouts, or even during a reservation, if the guests wish it so.

The homes are always picture perfect!

Revenue Optimization

It is very important for the success of a listing, that the prices are not stagnant. We analyze several factors such as seasons, tourism number oscilations, trends, neighbouring listings, special events happening in the area and just to name a few, and correct the nightly prices according to it, to make sure your home is making the most revenue possible.



Personal Accountancy

With our Simplified Package we invoice the guests on your behalf for every reservation and at the end of the month, liaise with your accountant and deliver the SAFT file. With the Premium + Package, we also take care of your full personal accountancy, by delivering you to the care of an accountant that will be your point of contact for anything related to your finances in Portugal.

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